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including 12 case studies and two checklists

Featuring Cisco, Ferrari, Rotary Club, Google and many other international brands.

These trusted and awarded companies already leverage their social media content with a social wall

What's inside the eBook

A good social media strategy can contribute greatly to making an event a success. Download the social media for events complete guide for tips and tricks on how to make your event more interesting and exciting for attendees, speakers and organisers alike.

The eBook includes tips on how to:

  • promote your event on social media
  • use social media at virtual events
  • involve conference speakers in your social marketing
  • make your event engaging for your attendees
  • use what you’ve learned to make future events even more successful

We included a bunch of bonus content for you:

  • 12 social media case studies and interviews
  • social media statistics
  • a hashtag campaign checklist
  • a social media checklist for your event
  • an eBook all about hashtag marketing


social media for events ebook table of contents